+ How do I pay?

Our Booking page provides online purchase and payment options. Or venmo @WildWillowStudio as an alternative.

+ When will I get an confirmation for my booking?

As soon as you make your online booking and purchase you will receive an email confirming your scheduled time.

+ What are your rental hours and rates?

We allow renters 8am-8pm everyday. We have a number of rates available, ranging from $60 for an hour. Refer to our Booking page for all purchase options.

+ How do I know what time slots are available?

Our online booking system is used to book all studio time, refer to the booking system and choose an open time slot.

+ Can I see my studio time appointment bookings on a dashboard?

When you schedule studio time you are prompted to create a user account, you can login to this account at any time to view your apointment using the Login link on the Booking page. If you didn't create an account previously, click the Login link and follow the prompts to create a new account to track future appointments.

+ Where is the lock box?

Our lock box is the black and gray master lock on the black fence directly in front of the studio.

+ How big is the space?

600 square feet.

+ Are there any restrictions on the number of photographers or large groups using the studio?

No, multiple photographers and large groups are welcome, at no extra charge.

+ Can I hang things on the wall?

Yes, please use command strips or small tacks. Command strips are available in the tote in the closet.

+ Where is the restroom?

The restroom is located two stores down. You will need a key card to access, specific information will be given after you book.

+ Are pets allowed?

Yes, please keep them on a leash outside of the studio and remember to clean up after them, including hair.