Wild Willow Studio - Access Information

Address: 347 West Pierpont Avenue Salt Lake City, Utah

Parking is available to you and your clients along the store front (Pierpont Avenue) free for 90 minutes. Do not park in a handicap spot, permit parking only or by a fire hydrant, you will get a ticket. If there aren't any spots open you may park at the north east public parking lot. To pay for parking in this lot call 888-767-9037 enter location number 145336 you'll need your license plate number and credit card. parking rate $5 or 1 hour $10/2 hours $12/4 hours. 

Save this information for yourself but do not share with others.

You will find the key to the main blue doors in a black lock box on the fence in front of the studio. Use code 0917. Leave lock box on fence and keep key with you during your rental. To close the lock box push clear and re-enter code. Keep the blue door unlocked by twisting the lock out on the back of the knob. All doors must remain unlocked while the studio is occupied. 

To unlock the studio door use code 7307. This door will stay unlocked until you push the lock icon. When leaving push the lock icon for a few seconds and pull handle to be sure the door has locked. 

A key card to the restroom is hanging on the wall by the light switch. The restroom is located to the east of the studio. Exit the studio (literally go outside), be sure to have the studio key with you so that you don't get locked out. Walk towards the white store front. You will see a dark blue store front with a white door. Use your key card to enter. Restroom is at the end of the hallway. You will need the key card again to enter. The restroom is for you and your clients only. Not open to the public. 

If you have any problems or questions please notify Winter Hoins at 801-835-5117.