Wild Willow Studio Checklist

Updated: April 28th 2019

Before you leave the studio PLEASE do the following:

  • Closet organized (blankets folded, floral crowns hung, wraps on rods, baskets/buckets placed on shelves.)

  • Floor swept - small spots mopped. 

  • Garbage can empty and put new bag in. 

  • Restroom key hung on the wall by light switch.  

  • Bed made nicely. 

  • No personal items left behind (unclaimed items will be donated after a week.)

  • Heater/AC turned off .

  • Lights off.

  • Lock doors and put key back in lock box. 

  • If you arrived and something is damaged, dirty, unorganized or missing please notify us ASAP so we can stop the problem and issue a fee. Contact Winter Hoins at 801-835-5117 if there are any issues.

We want everyone to have a great experience. Thank you for your cooperation and business.